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Jorg and Sven. Driven entrepreneurs who believe a digitalization of the industrial purchasing process is needed to make it more efficient.

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Jorg Pink

Jorg Hendrikx, Co-Founder and Commercial Manager

"When I had my own engineering firm, it annoyed me how inefficient and time-consuming the purchasing process in the production industry is. Every supplier has to be contacted separately with an overload of emails, calls, and physical meetings. We live in a digital age and want everything to go fast. If you want to get a price estimation, you should get it instantly. If you want to find out if a company is a trustworthy partner, you should be able to rely on the experience of others."

Sven brown-red

Sven De Donder, Co-Founder and Operations Manager

"Why is it so difficult to create brand trust as a technology supplier? Because it is easier to get unbiased information about a $100 hotel room than a $100,000 piece of technology. Suppliers with good products and services deserve to be trusted so they can focus on what really matters: improving their products."

Jorg, Sven, Isaac, Ema, Radmila, Natasha