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About Qviro

Qviro is a Belgium-based startup active in the digitalization of the purchasing process of B2B industrial technology. is a review platform that helps factories make confident buying decisions. At the same time, it is a SaaS platform that provides suppliers with market intelligence and sales data.

What makes our story unique is that we are the first review platform for the industry. People depend on review sites in their personal lives and we are convinced that this trend will revolutionize the industry.

Qviro was started by industry experts, but to grow we need ambitious people with sales, marketing, customer success, and product management knowledge in B2B SaaS/e-commerce/platform/marketplace.

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"It's been an amazing experience learning 24/7, with so much trust placed on you, with a family-oriented culture."

Jack Isaac
Content writer
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our Values

We are looking for action takers with high integrity.


100% inclusive

We embrace differences in ethnicity, gender, education, physical abilities, age, and religion among individuals.


100% real

The authenticity of our review platform is key for trust, so we want our people to represent that value.


100% open

We have a common goal and need to learn from each others mistakes. Inclusion starts with transparency.


100% go-getter

We are a startup. Fast is better than slow. Making mistakes is part of the learning process.

Yes, you have spotted that right. DATA is a key part of our company. We sell data, and our internal decisions are data driven.

Some impressions of how we roll

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